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NYC Nom Nom is a blog about food. Restaurants and recipes... from the good, to the bad, to the un-nommable. Recently, I joined Weight Watchers. But I refuse to give up my love for food. Join me on my journey of recipes and restaurants (whether you're dieting or not).

I am very fortunate in that I get to try many of the best restaurants in NYC. I also am realizing that I love to cook and have been expanding my culinary skills with my boyfriend, Mike. So what better way to chart my path through the world of food than with a blog?

I would not consider myself a foodie, as that moniker carries with it some level of expertise, of which I have none. I just really love food and am very lucky to have both access to good restaurants and a really great kitchen (by New York City standards anyway).

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So without further ado, enjoy nomming.


25 October 10

The Original Farmers Market - Los Angeles

One thing I really enjoyed when I was last in LA was the Farmers Market.  It’s a bustling set of stands in an enclosed building that is filled with energy and food.  Last time I was there, I had some crazy meat from a place that I think was Brazilian… and it was AMAZING.  I found that place again, however, it had a line around the corner and I was short on time.  I took a quick jaunt around and settled on dinner at The French Crepe Company.

Why The French Crepe Company?  I have no idea…  I used to REALLY love crepes, however, lately I have been disappointed.  Or perhaps I just previously only had crepes filled with nutella and berries?  Hmmmm….

Anyway… I was stumped on what to order, but eventually decided on the “La Poissoniere” - Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs, Sour Cream, Capers, and Chives.  (I only hesitated a bit on the fact that it looked like it was called The Poison and figured it either meant something different or the French are weird… My apologies to the French!)

It was good… but just not great.  And the smoked salmon didn’t taste smoky enough for me.  I need to remind myself that all smoked salmon is not NY deli lox.

I think one of the problems was that everything was overcooked and there was 0 sauce or liquid to be found. I expected the sour cream to make it a bit more interesting, however, I tasted none.  The whole thing was just a little too dry, a little too fishy, and a little too boring.  Oh well!  I enjoyed the Market anyway. 

And next time I am totally going back to that meat place!

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